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I am 74 years old and have been carrying a sidearm for over 50 of those years.  During that time I have continually searched for the perfect holster.  After receiving and using the half dozen firearm holsters and magazine carriers you made for me over the last 6-8 months I can truthfully save I can quit searching.  They are absolutely perfect in every way.  They are absolutely awesome.  I thank you sir and wish you the very best!!!!



Gordon C Hays Jr

I ordered my TT gunleather holster about six weeks ago and it just arrived today. Needless to say I was very eager to receive this and I must admit straight out of the box it exceeded my expectations. I ordered this holster for my Sig Sauer Legion P229 with a red dot . My first impression right out of the bag was it was a beautiful well-made holster but looks like it may be stiff. I immediately holstered my gun gun and put it in my waist belt. I was utterly amazed. As eager as I was, I just put it in my against my bare skin and I could barely tell that it was there. I could not believe that it was so comfortable and fit so nicely straight out of the bag. After reading the holster care sheet that Tim included I must say if his instructions are accurate I’ll be even more amazed amazed In the future. He says it will get more comfortable and easier to draw overtime. Of course I realize this is true but as I said from the beginning I can’t believe how comfortable it is and how easy it is to actually draw straight out of the bag brand new. I was also amazed considering this is such a nice thick leather holster how completely concealable it actually is. I saw virtually no imprinting in the front side or back as I looked in the full view mirror. I was wearing only a T-shirt. This holster is by all accounts extraordinarily well made by a true craftsman. Straight out of the bag and certainly in a few months I will say this is the nicest holster I’ve ever owned. And I’ve had quite a few….. Thank you Tim.

R. Gordon



The leather TT Gunleather holsters alone are beautiful FUNCTIONAL pieces of art, add exotic skins to them and it takes them to another level.  I've ordered all types of holsters with exotic skins for various models I have, always trying to get something unique for each one.  Each and every time I haven't been disappointed.


What exotic skin can't Tim put on a holster?  I've gotten Gator, Lizard, Toad, Elephant, Ostrich, and Snake; they've all turned out gorgeous.  I've also used the holsters for high level firearms classes (taught by spec op instructors) and they've performed incredibly every time!!


Thank you TT!!



Thought it was time to submit a testimonial for the two Holsters, Gun Belt and Single Mag Holder.  

A Slim XC Holster was purchased last year for a 1911 9mm CCO, and has been become my go-to holster when carrying that firearm.  The second Holster purchased this past July was a Reinforced Convertible Pancake OWB IWB, a 1911 .38 Super CCO is the primary firearm for this Holster.  I also have your Black Shark Skin Gun Belt and a matching IWB/OWB Convertible Single Mag Holder w/Black Shark Trim.

I now have a complete Concealed Carry System that's the most comfortable I've ever worn.  So comfortable in fact, that I wear my CCO firearms while riding my Trike, oftentimes for 10+ hours over several days of travel. I'm happy to report that I've suffered no discomfort at the end of each days ride.

BTW, you were right on the money with your recommendation for the 40" size Shark Gun Belt. 

Huge Thanks!!



Hello Tim,

I received my holster yesterday, the reinforced model and I have to complement you on your workmanship, you are a master craftsman. I’m one of those guys with a drawer full of holsters, through the 43 years of concealed carry, I had them all. When I researched for another holster I came across a forum that said your holsters are the same quality and workmanship that Milt Sparks has and with a 2 -3 week shipping schedule, and that on your site you keep your customers posted with the shipping dates, and what stage that holster order is in, Well you’re a man of your word I placed my order 12/11/17 and I’m wearing it at this moment and todays date is 1/3/18. Also when I placed my order with your company I canceled my order with Milt Sparks for the VM 2, For my Sig P 938. I can honestly compare his and yours because I own a VM 2 for my 1911, and Tim  your holsters are right  at number 10 with the VM 2, Today with TT gun leather it’s all positive, P.S. you guys and gals that prefer leather over kydex this is your guy.


Rich. P.

Retired PSO

NRA life member

NRA Task Force

I searched online for months for a mint P7 PSP to use for everyday carry. Then, I spent months searching for a suitable holster, trying and rejecting a half dozen candidates. Finally, my search is over. If you, like me, carry a P7, you know the problem. The weapon combines safety, accuracy and surgical feel. It also weighs a lot, has very sharp edges and carries its weight in the handle. Great to shoot, hard to carry. Finding the right holster is crucial. TT Gun Leather's Mike's Special IWB pancake holster is the "right" holster. The leather is thick, top grain cowhide. Both rows of stitches are straight and evenly spaced. It fits my P7 PSP perfectly. It covers all the sharp edges. The tilt angle addresses the balance and short barrel issues. The tooling over the trigger guard holds it securely in place while I go about my day; just the right amount of effort is required to release the weapon. This extra security was missing from all but one of the competitor's offerings. The price was less, often much less, than I paid for significantly inferior products. Well worth waiting for a handmade item of this quality. The maker should have signed this, because he or she is an artist. Thanks TT Gun Leather." 

I carry a Glock 19 every day in one of your DDOS holsters. It's crucial to me that I have a holster that carries and conceals as well as a pancake holster, while still being easy on/off, as I need to remove my weapon from time to time to enter courthouses. Add to that, this leather holster has held up perfectly to the heat, humidity and sweat to which holsters in South Florida are subjected.

Combining fine workmanship, innovative design, an excellent price, and a reasonable turnaround time, there's a reason I'm eager to receive my third TT Gunleather holster. 


So many of your published testimonials are written by pleased and satisfied customers who had just received their holsters. I received my reinforced IWB holster for my 40 S&W High Power about nine months ago and thought it was time to render my considered opinion after months of daily use. I can honestly say that this holster is unequivocally the most comfortable I have ever used, even with a moderately heavy pistol like the 40HP. The butt of the gun is held close to my body making for excellent concealment. Also, like so many other writers, I find the workmanship to be superb. It is indeed a shame to have to wear it concealed, it is so beautiful. Thank you for creating such a high quality product at such a reasonable price.


Mr. Thurner, 

I would like to thank you again for the excellent craftsmanship on my IWB holsters.  I’m glad that my cousin highly recommended you as the “Go to guy.” In 2009, you created my first one. Upon receiving shipment, I immediately began sporting it and my co-workers were astonished that I was concealing a 21SF. When I recently contacted you about creating another one that would also accept my 21SF with a SureFire X300, I wasn’t sure if you were going to be willing to fulfill my request. But you didn’t turn down the challenge! I’m grateful that you didn’t, sir. This holster is absolutely perfect.
For those of you who are wondering if his holsters are worth the money and wait, I will attest that they are. They’re comfortable and worth every penny. I’ve tried many holsters and in my opinion, his are the best. I’ll be ordering another one soon, Mr. Thurner… This time for my 30SF.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

JB – Active LE


Mr. Thurner,
I am the guy who just called you from Huntsville, AL, and who just received two holsters, a magazine holder, and a belt. I find it absolutely amazing that things of this quality are still produced in America! These are heirloom quality holsters and my Grandsons will get these one day!!
Thank you for creating a superb set of leather products! Your work has surpassed my expectations and I could not be more pleased, and proud, to own your handiwork.
Sincerely and Very respectfully,


COL, US Army (Ret) 


Hey Tim,

          I just wanted to shoot you an email and say thank you SO
much for the Reinforced mouth IWB Holster for my Sig Sauer 220 Carry
Elite Dark w/ rail. It took about 2 1/2 months to get, but this
holster is worth EVERY PENNY!! The wetmold came out exactly fit for my
gun. It was tight the first day i bought it, I put wax paper around
the gun, left it in overnight and my gun slides in and out like
butter, without any issues. The slight cant is perfect for drawing,
and fits perfectly for my 1.75" operators belt. I am very happy with
this holster and I highly recommend your holsters, and have told all
of my friends about your website. 

Thank You

Justin - Connecticut 


I want to personally thank you for such a top notch product!! You have created a piece of art for my Glock 30 to rest safely in!!!

I received it last week and although the first fitting was tight and precise I left my unloaded gun in the holster to give it time to relax a bit. Your stitching and boning work is out of this world!!

My Glock 30 now glides effortlessly each time the thumb break is undone without fail......the DDP Pancake holster with elephant trim makes it disappear under a t shirt! I wish I could carry it out in the open to show off the quality and workmanship you have put into this but alas conceal carry is about the element of surprise not show and tell!! My cop friends love it and I have referred them to your website in the hopes of them getting one for off duty carry......thanks also for a great quality belt and spare mag holder......I just wish the makers of jeans now a days would move the belt loops to accept a CCW holster as I wear mine at the 3:30 position.....oh well just skip that belt loop and everything works out fine.


 Thanks again for a quality American made product U.S.A. all the way!

2nd  Amendment right to bear arms!


I look forward to working with you in the future


Joel S.


I just received my IWB Holster for both Sig P220R and IWB Holster for (2) mags. I am a bigger guy, 5'8" 290 and was very concerned about this holster concealing my gun and (2) mags. When I put the holsters on with a T-Shirt, to my surprise, they were both completely concealed. This was definitely money well spent. I have spent hundreds of dollars on concealment holsters in the past and have been very disappointed. This is hands down the best concealment holster combo I have ever bought. The draw was very smooth right out of the box for both my handgun and mags. I did not need to "break it in" at all. Let me tell you that you have just found a new dedicated customer. Thanks for making a superior product.





Once again you have came through for me in a big .  The IWB you built for my P7 is outstanding!  It fits the pistol perfectly and is extremely beautiful, comfortable and makes the P7 disappear in my Levi's.  Your holsters and your craftsmanship are fantastic and improve with everyone you create!  This is my 3rd TT and I Will be back for more.
Feel free to post my picture and comments on your website.

Respectfully and thank you,

Roger   ASTCS / Helo Rescue Swimmer USCG Ret.


Hi Tim

I received my holsters, ammo pouch, and belt from you earlier this week . I was absolutely blown away with the work you did for me. You make the finest holsters I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds of them having spent 30 years as a police officer. Your wonderful customer service is only exceeded by your craftsmanship. Thanks again for making such wonderful leather gear at such reasonable prices.


Bob Stachnik

Owner - RWS Investigations, Ltd. - Chicago   


Hi Tim,   I received my holster last night and I want to tell you how pleased I am with this holster. The quality is great and it holds my gun nice and snug.   You have a very nice product and I will recommend your holsters to all my friends.   Thanks so much,   Nate    

I received the slim IWB.  It is nothing short of phenomenal.  I have
been singing its praises whenever the opportunity comes up, and I'm
waiting to decide if I need another for my P220, P229, or both.

Thank you again for your great service and great product.  You have a
customer as long as you want one.

Matt CaptainUnited States Army 

I had received my holster earlier today and I must say that your product is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the wait. The attention to detail is incredible and craftsmanship is bar non. My hats off to you for your stellar work, you truly have earned my respect as well as patronage for hope to be a repeat customer very shortly.

Best regards,

Tim, Today I received the IWB holster for my Taurus PT145 and all I can say is "WOW". The quality of workmanship is obvious and from the first time I strapped it onto my belt it's incredibly comfortable. I can't wait to see how it is after it's broken in. I've carried with IWB holsters for several years, tried a half dozen holster makers and believe I've found what I've been looking for, a well designed, meticulously made comfortable holster. I'll be placing another order for my 1911 soon! Thanks, Al 


Hello Tim,
I received both my holsters for the Glock 19/23.  Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is readily apparent in both holsters.  The quality that you demand in your holsters became obvious to me the moment I opened the package.  Indeed, I would go as far as to say that you are an artist who uses leather as your artistic medium, a medium that you obviously love and respect.
Thank you again for the wonderful holsters.  I wish you all the best.

Wanted to drop you a thank you note for the holster I received back in the spring.  I was extremely satisfied with the fit and finish of the inside the waistband holster for my DAO SP101.  The shirt guard works great.  I carry everyday either inside the waistband or with pocket holsters and I could not believe how a heavier revolver just is not noticed in this holster.  It has held up really well so far.  Thanks Again!!!  Michael  


Hello, I have been using your holster for a little while now and I just wanted to tell you that I love it and thank you for your craftsmanship and excellent communication. The holster is just what I was looking for, in my opinion better than other higher priced more well known holsters. Thank you from a very satisfied customer.


Just a quick note of thanks.

I received my Slim IWB today for my Walther PPS.  The holster is outstanding in quality, fit and finish.

In fact, I like it so much, I just placed an order for a holster for my Kimber TLE/RL II and I am looking forward to seeing the box already.

Thanks again, and feel free to use this as a testimonial on your web site.

Just let me know if there is anything I can do.

Best regards,



I have been in law enforcement for over thirty years and have never found leather products as great as yours. I have obtained a IWB, for my .45 and a OWB and magazine holder for my Glock. All I can say is they are great. The finish (I had shark on one and frog on the other) make these items one of a kind. My son, has ordered holsters, belts and etc. from you and the recommendations from this family are flowing to others (my son is on another Dept.). Keep up the great work!



Rec'd both holsters for a Glock 19  and Springfield XD40. Both are magnificent, beyond expectation. It's nice to see American craftsmanship at its best.  Thank you.



I received an IWB from TT Gun Leather and although
the holster was built to correct specs, I wanted a
little more room for my fingers to grip when drawing
the gun.  
I contacted Tim, and he offered to exchange it for
one custom built with the handle raised an extra 3/8
I just received the new holster and the fit is
PERFECT.  It is extremely high quality.  Beautiful fit
and finish.
I just wanted to say thanks.  Not only are your
holsters very high quality, but your customer service
is exceptional.  A very rare find these days.
Thanks again.
Garnett    What a fine product you make!  Love the holster and fits my SA Champion like a glove.  It is now my new carry weapon.  I want to thank you also for throwing in the mag holder.  Like the holster it shows you provide your customers with a quality product and service that is second to none.


Roger ASTCS/E-8 Helicopter Rescue Swimmer ret.

Hey Tim, I got my holster today. 
Thanks for getting this done so quick for me, I really appreciate it!
As for the holster................It looks even more beautiful in person, pictures don't do it justice. My Glock fits perfect in it.
This was my first holster purchase and I had two concerns.
#1. Holsters ability to be concealed.
#2. Comfort when wearing the holster.
First off, the holster conceals EXTREMELY well. No extra effort needed to conceal my weapon. The best thing about the holster is that I did not have to sacrifice comfort to wear this holster. It felt good standing up but I wanted to know what it would feel like sitting.  I can't even tell that I am wearing a holstered weapon, that's how comfortable it is. So many people say that you will have to sacrifice comfort if you want to carry, that is simply not true at all.
I did a lot of research before I bought my holster as there are a ton of different companies and styles of holsters. You had the high ride holster I wanted and your holsters look a hell of a lot better then anything else from a mass producer and your prices are great. Other people that offer custom made holsters would have charged me at least twice as much as you charged me. Tim, I am a firm believer in buy right the first time and I think I have done just that. I'm happy to know that I won't have a box full of holsters before I find the one that I like. Craftsmanship is grade A+ Tim, this holster has exceeded my expectations. 
I will for sure recommend you to people and I myself will be a returning customer.
Thanks Tim!

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