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The KX Lightweight represents a meticulously crafted leather Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster, tailored for individuals seeking the utmost discretion and minimal intrusion between their waist and pants. Featuring a Kydex clip attachment system, this holster offers the flexibility to be worn with or without a belt. Distinguished by its front-facing molding, this holster ensures a seamlessly smooth contact with the body, delivering unparalleled comfort during extended wear. Positioned to be ideally worn between the 3:30 and 4:30 positions, it boasts a 25-degree cant angle to minimize firearm printing while maintaining accessibility. Its low-profile design allows for a comfortable, unobtrusive carry. Crafted from premium cowhide leather, this concealment IWB holster is precision-engineered for inside-the-waistband use, secured in place with Kydex clips fastened to your belt or pants. Notably, the holster's rigid mouth prevents collapse, facilitating effortless one-handed re-holstering. Currently, it is available exclusively to accommodate a 1.5" belt width.


Please note this model cannot be built to accommodate optics.


IWB KX Lightweight Holster

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  • Please allow time for the holster to break in, though each holster is tested for fit before I ship them they will be fairly tight initially. The best way to break in your holster is to simply wear it around the house with your gun unloaded. Drawing the gun will be difficult at first but as the holster forms to you and your firearm it will become easier to draw. If you are still having trouble with the break in process I recommend wrapping the “Unloaded” gun in a thin layer of kitchen wax paper and seating it in the holster several times.
    The holster leather is sealed with a process that will not need any care with the exception of cleaning with a damp cloth as needed. I do not recommend using any leather conditioners or oils on my holsters as this may soften the leather.
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